About Us

About LalooLalang


LALOOLALANG (inspired by the Malay phrase for "passing by") is a unique bazaar flea market experience that promotes and celebrates local entrepreneurship.

Helmed and curated by media personalities Huda Ali and Den Sabari, this thematic venture has been hugely successful since its debut in July 2015.

LalooLalang is a non-profit entity which sees ground-up efforts and independent enterprise as our focal point, with community bonding also an integral pillar of our character.

As event curators, we provide a platform for local entrepreneurs to not only build a community of their own in a micro level but also expanding on a macro scale; reaching out to communities at large!

This is made possible by our provision of a space for businesses to reach out to their respective consumers, fellow entrepreneurs and prospective partners.

In the spirit of togetherness, we do our part by working thoroughly with the right venues, collaborators, sponsors alongside our selected labels and brands.

Live entertainment is also a much-appreciated component of our events and thus becomes a distinct holistic social experience.

Our mission is for LalooLalang to be the definitive social hub where passion meets enterprise, where the arts and the community merges; engaging everyone from all walks of life.