Huda Ali – POKKA Brand Ambassador

Huda Ali - POKKA Brand Ambassador


“She’s a well-known TV personality with a broad fan base and a strong following. I think she is ideal for reaching out to the Malay community and bringing POKKA closer to them,” explained Mr. Alain Ong, CEO of POKKA International Pte. Ltd.

“Her passion and drive, seen in running her own media and events management company, LalooLalang; and her vibrant and dynamic personality have great appeal amongst youths, too.”

The energetic and versatile TV personality is no stranger to POKKA. She hosted the brand’s Hari Raya TV online campaign in 2015 which featured her surprising three families during the holy month of Ramadan with drinks from POKKA.

Since then, she has been an active champion of its drinks, promoting the products at her own events, on her personal website, and her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“I couldn’t be happier to be chosen to represent POKKA. I’ve always believed in their commitment to offer only the best quality for any occasion. That’s why POKKA is perfect for every celebration,” said Ms. Huda.

Huda Ali - POKKA Ambassador
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